Sneaker fans want to know what MADE IN CHINA

We have 3general aspects to evaluate whether the shoes are genuine original quality.First of all, to see whether you bought shoes is the original material, is notthe real yeezy 350 V2 officialcustom original plant materials, including the integrity of the uppers, theoriginal yeezy 350 V2 fluorescent shoelace, original in bottom material isthin, elastic, shoe toe cap, eyelets punching, outsole whether genuine BASFboost bottom, and so on a series of these the original material.

Then alarge-scale standard factory, is not the original factory (no original factory design drawings will not have a good process), theoriginal factory can hold a good wedge grinding apparatus (abrasive tools), theeffect will be better.

Finally, thereis no master of a skilled worker, he decided whether a shoe can be achieved inthe end.

Some 350 fakeyeezy V2 shoes are from some (3 aspects) do not have the condition of factoryproduction, some factories have the scale, there are some good technicalworkers, but not the original factory materials and design drawings, they onlyspend a fancy price to get some samples from some channels or from tip-offaccount get the news , such as the YEEZYMAFIA to get some spy news (chase the wind and clutch at shadows but theynever give up any chance. They will show their amazing production technology,an appearance of about yeezy 350 V2 shoes on the formation.

When engaged inlow-cost sales of fake shoes dealers, when put these shoes to a certain marketdemand of customers, customers feel that the quality is not good, they willmake recommendations, and eventually back to the black factory there, and thenwill be continuously improved, until perfect! At this time you will feel thatyou admire the Chinese people's hard work and tireless efforts to fake shoes.

So one can seeis a fake shoes, not to say. Because not good raw materials, of course, is nota good yeezy 350 V2 shoes. They have a saying in China: no profit can notafford to rise early. If they don't have a lot of profit, they don't have totake the risk of making fake yeezy 350 V2 shoes.

Now they Chinathose fake shoes factory facing government awareness of intellectual propertyprotection increased, thereby increasing the inspection efforts, counterfeitingfactory is difficult to maintain, and shoes of the inventory problem, due tothe newer version, low version was eliminated many of the shoes to be removed.The production of shoes and no other officialspy yeezy released 350 V2 color haveincreased production costs, the final decision of the official Adidas, willalso be a part of their destruction.

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I am Amos.z  from the witness of the Original factory& Sneakers market! 

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